We produce cast steel and cast iron castings from the following materials (weighing from 5 to 8000 kg):

Cast steel:

  • carbon cast steel for construction purposes
  • alloy (low-alloy) cast steel for construction purposes
  • abrasion resistant alloy cast steel
  • heat resistant alloy cast steel
  • corrosion resistant alloy cast steel
  • stainless cast steel

Cast iron:

  • grey cast iron
  • ductile cast iron
  • alloyed cast iron

Pioma-Odlewnia has the necessary production capacity and technological facilities to fulfill orders from start to finish: from developing the technological design, through the performance or adaptation of modeling, to selecting an appropriate alloy, casting, thermal treatment, mechanical forming and testing of the new product.

You will find a detailed list of our range of materials under the tab CAST STEEL and CAST IRON.

We also provide custom selection of materials for your specific purposes.

Depending on your needs, we produce castings either manually or mechanically. We can provide castings in their raw or mechanically processed state (preliminarily or ready-made), in accordance with your expectations.

The current production capacity of our foundry is sufficient to provide 10,000 tons of castings annually, but the existing capacity can be increased in response to growing market demand.



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