On a global level, we manage our quality by means of the Quality Management System as per the ISO 9001 [ I believe ISO 901 was a typo] standard, implementation of the elements of Lean Manufacturing (5S, SMED), and application of the Kaizen philosophy (elimination of MUDA). Quality assurance and control takes place at each production stage. Most areas of quality control and assurance are defined by the Quality Management procedures as per the ISO 9001 standard and functional instructions.

Control of supply of materials and raw materials at the beginning of the production process, ensure that we only use high quality materials from reliable suppliers. For selected materials, we create particular requirements, as specified in the Material Technical Conditions (MTC). The MTC are a basis for acceptance of materials during the control of deliveries.

Control of foundry modelling performed independently or in cooperation by experienced inspectors with the use of classical measuring instruments and special model-making diagrams, as well as the use of specialist measuring arms.

Control in the production process includes:

  • control of the preparation and operation of melting
  • control of the preparation and execution of forms
  • control of the preparation and execution of cores
  • control of the heat treatment process
  • control of the mechanical working process
  • casting NDT tests
  • scribing and dimensional control of castings
  • laboratory tests (chemical analysis, strength tests, and metallographic tests)
  • final inspection

In the quality assurance process we use the following quality tools and methods:

  • FMEA method (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • 8D report
  • 5WHY method (5 x why)
  • Pareto analysis
  • Ishikawa diagram
  • Root Case Analysis (RCA)

For constant improvement of quality we use:

  • internal ISO audits according to the approved schedule of audits
  • internal ad hoc audits
  • supplier audits
  • client audits
  • classification society audits


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