Development and optimisation of casting technologies and processes are supported by MAGMASOFT® software. This simulates the processes of filling, solidifying, and cooling as well the analysis of thermal stresses in the castings. This enables us to verify the proper application of technologies, develop comprehensive solutions, optimise the casting process and minimise the risk of failures. The design process also utilises the assistance of AutoCAD and Solid Edge programs.

In designing our technologies we use cutting-edge CAD/CAE products, such as:

  • AutoCAD®– designing and creating technical documentation, accelerating the documentation creation process and facilitating the co-sharing of ideas.
  • Solid Edge®– leading 3D modelling system, which assists process engineers to model more quickly and effectively.
  • MAGMAsoft®– system facilitating checking the accurateness of designed casting processes/techniques, through computer casting simulation and its subsequent optimisation. The techniques are analysed for thermal stresses in the castings.


Using the full potential of the above programs allows us to shorten the implementation time and increase the quality of castings, even before their manufacture.


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