Pioma-Odlewnia has at its disposal one of the most fully equipped state of the art industrial laboratories in the country, allowing for both the conducting of analyses and testing of materials used in production processes, as well as offering services for external clients and foundries. The laboratory has implemented a Quality Management System meeting the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005

The testing range of the laboratory includes:

Analysis of chemical constitution
Scope: ordinary steels and cast carbon steels, low alloy and high alloy; grey, alloy, ductile cast irons.
Equipment: ARL-3460 emission spectrometer, LECO TC 500 oxygen and nitrogen analyser, LECO CS-125 carbon and sulphur analyser.

Strength tests
Scope: static tensile testing determining the R02, Re, Rm, A5, A4, Z, E; Charpy test in a range of temperatures from – 75°C; Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell hardness tests; static bending test.
Equipment: RKP 450 impact tester, ZWICK universal testing machine.

Metallographic tests
Scope: metallographic macro- and microscopy.
Equipment: NEOPHOT 32R metallographic microscope with the magnification range of 10 – 2000x; EPITYP 2 metallographic microscope with the magnification range of 10 – 2000x; LUCIA image analysis programme.


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