Heat treatment activities are carried out according to specific requirements regarding heat treatment for a given type of material. The records are kept in electronic or paper form. The entire heat treatment process is controlled using furnace thermocouples and contact thermocouples which are periodically checked for temperature distribution.

The heat treatment department is equipped with:

  • gas chamber furnaces,
  • gas tunnel furnace
  • and electric furnaces.

In the process of hardening we use quenching tanks with the working space of 3500 x 2500 x 1700mm and 1650 x 900 x 800mm.

The basic types of heat treatment include:

  • heat refining
  • hardening
  • tempering (low, medium, and high temperature)
  • stress relief annealing
  • soft annealing and hard annealing
  • ferritising annealing [I am not familiar with the term ferritising?]
  • hyperquenching

The cooling medium in the heat treatment process can be:

  • air
  • water
  • 20% Polihartenol E8 solution
  • cooling with furnace

Well selected heat treatment parameters allow us to make castings with properties in accordance with particular requirements of the standards, the requirements of the clients (specification) and the requirements of the regulations of classification organisations.


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