Workshop with passion and knowledge

Last Wednesday, the “Workshop with Passion and Knowledge” took place at the Śrem Iron Foundry. The meeting between highly experienced retired specialists and the Sales Department invoked tremendous interest in the field of casting.

The organisers of the workshop focused on two aspects of work based on the past and the future. The front office employees had an opportunity to learn about the production processes over the years and listen about the PGO Group’s plans for the future.

The whole workshop had an extremely interesting form. The participants took part in competitions and had a chance to explore the theoretical issues. The interaction, interest and involvement of both groups were noticeable.

The workshop was based on inspiring examples which helped to give a sense of what the casting is. The evolution of production processes over the years was presented by our prominent guests: Janina Kuźnicka and Bogumił Marek – passionate people and most of all – long-term employees of the Śrem Iron Foundry.

The participants worked with sample drawings, photos and materials dedicated to different industries. An educational trip to some of the foundry departments (manual and machine moulding workshop) was also included. The participants were provided with promotional and advertising materials from days gone by, which are sure to be treasured by them.

The second part of the workshop, held by Manager of the R&D Department, Leszek Szwalbe, showed the road towards modernity, which PGO is constantly aiming at. We saw our current direction, what we want and what we could produce in the future. This also included a presentation of future investments which will improve and modernise the production process.

We are certain that as a result of such lectures we can develop our passion for what we do. For this reason, we are planning similar events in the future. We would like to thank all the speakers and participants for their attendance.


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