The Management Board of Grupa PGO presents the PGO Strategy for 2017-2020

“The PGO Strategy responds to the needs and expectations of all current and future customers, business partners, investors and shareholders, who expect predictability and stable development from the group. It also responds to the needs of all Group employees who intend to remain with us in the future,” says Dariusz Ginalski, Group President.

The PGO Strategy assumes development in three main areas – sales and marketing, development of staff competences, and development of technological expertise. The strategy introduces a new business model, which assumes product specialisation in segments, and trade specialisation in sectors. It also aims to extend the sales department, which is to be integrated on the Group level, and to identify the aims of PGO activities in product, industry and geographical terms. At the same time, an important part of the strategy is to increase the recognisability of the PGO brand as a group, which would accompany the group’s expansion into foreign markets.

The PGO Strategy relies on developing technological capacities, including organic investments, and creating R&D departments. The key to improving the competitiveness of the Group lies in: installing secondary metallurgical processes, investing in machining, and automating the production processes. However, these are only the most important aims stemming from the vast range of planned projects.

The mission of PGO is to shape modern industry. By continually improving and developing, as well as building a community based on values, we support our business partners and employees in achieving mutual success. Our vision is to become a preferred business partner, an innovative organisation, and a desirable employer. In our activities, we rely on a system of values shared by PGO and the whole Grupa TDJ, fully aware that values are the foundation for any organization,” says Dariusz Ginalski.

We see implementing this strategy as an opportunity to ensure the financial resources necessary for the continuing, long-term development of Grupa PGO. This will be possible thanks to the involvement and mutual support of all our employees, which is why we pay so much attention to developing their competences. We organise training sessions, courses, and coaching sessions on multiple levels of the organisation. This gives everyone a chance to develop,” adds Lucjan Augustyn, Group Vice-President.

During a meeting with the management staff of Grupa PGO concerning the presentation of the strategy, the Group President, Dariusz Ginalski, also pointed out that the strategy had been developed fully within the organisation, thanks to the involvement of many employees. Its particular value lies in the fact that it has been developed internally, based primarily on the experience and competences the organisation itself has gathered.


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