The integration of castings manufacturing process of Fugo Group

We would like to inform that the integration of castings manufacturing process of Fugo Group in the structures of Polish Foundry Group has been completed. Pioma-Odlewnia Sp. z o.o. acquired key assets, ie. foundry equipment, pattern owned by FUGO-ODLEW Sp. z o.o., the know-how, the right to the brand (trademark) and the most experienced staff of this company. In connection with the completion of this process, we can announce that Pioma-Odlewnia Sp. z o.o has become a natural follower of the casting manufacturing offered so far by FUGO-ODLEW Sp. z o.o.

Pioma Odlewnia Sp. z o.o established a Fugo-Odlew branch based in Konin, where a technical office is maintained and patterns production is carried out for the needs of the whole Polish Foundry Group.

Thanks to the openness and determination of the best employees of Fugo-Odlew, who continue their career in Piomia-Odlewnia, our current experiences and experiences developed in collaboration with clients, among which there are the world’s biggest brands, rigorous standards in terms of timely delivery, quality and EHS procedures have been extended to „best practices” existing so far in Fugo-Odlew. We believe that this will become an even better organization, which meets all the needs of existing and new customers.


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