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The latest scholarships to study in the UK and USA have just been awarded by Poland’s TDJ Foundation

Three children of TDJ employees have been awarded a year-long scholarship to further their education abroad as part of TDJ’s annual competition: Zofia Regulska from Gorzow Wielkopolski, Marzena Piecuch from Gorlice and Magdalena Wozniak, also from Gorlice. Zosia and Marzena will begin studying at England’s prestigious Ampleforth College in September. Magdalena Wozniak, the third finalist, will be the first to break new ground by going to study for a year in United States, starting in August. The scholarships are funded by the TDJ Foundation


The College Scholarship is a program of the TDJ Foundation created in cooperation with Ampleforth College. As part of the initiative, children of TDJ Group employees from across Poland can spend a year studying at one of the best British schools. Each program participant is provided with a free year of school fees and other expenses, such as board and lodging. The aim of the College Scholarship is to facilitate access to education at the best schools in the world for selected young students who have been able to achieve very good results in science.


“This is the third class to have been awarded the College Scholarship. So far, eight scholars have attended Ampleforth College,” states Janusz Gorol, Director of Educational Projects at the TDJ Foundation. “Next to join the group will be Marzena and Sophia, and also Magda, who will be the first to attend school in the United States. All three scholarship winners excelled during the three-stage recruitment process, showing determination, social commitment and outstanding focus on personal development,” adds Janusz Gorol.


College Scholarship Winners 2017/2018


Marzena Piecuch, from Gorlice, whose father works in Kuznia Glinik. She has achieved excellent results in her studies, especially in English and the hard sciences. Outside of school, she spends a fair amount of time on extra-curricular activities. She is a member of geography, biology and chemistry clubs. Her passion is sport. She runs, enjoys practicing gymnastics and rides her bicycle frequently.


Zofia Regulska from Gorzow Wielkopolski, whose father works in the Srem Iron Foundry. She is a representative of her school at the English-language Model UN Conference. She loves sports and is a member of the basketball team, and is a two-time silver medal winner at the Gorzow Youth Games.


Magdalena Wozniak focuses on biology and chemistry at high school in Gorlitz. She was a participant in the trip to Taizé organized by the TDJ Foundation. She also donates her time to various charities. At school, she belongs to the School Volunteer Club, as well as Caritas. She is frequent visitor to residents of local nursing homes. For the past two years, her hobby has been horse riding.


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