PGO goes to the mat!

29 June in Warsaw there was held of PWPW Gala of the National Wrestling League. During the gala for the first time in history „Pytlasów” statuettes were granted, establishing will call their to the father of Polish supplies of Władysław Pytlasiński. The meeting gave the opportunity to summarize the passing season and present plans for the next. The holiday of polish wrestling has graced many distinguished guests. Polish medalists, emerging wrestling stars and friends of this sport. Among them was also the Chairman of the PGO Group of the Pioma – Odlewnia Group, Mr Rafał Kania. The PGO Group is a patron of sport, and the strong wrestling traditions in Piotrków have provided the basis for closer cooperation between PGO / Pioma-Odlewnia and the National Wrestling League. During Thursday’s celebrations Chairman Rafał Kania and the Chairman Damian Fedorowicz signed the agreement confirming this cooperation. Host of the gala Chairman Damian Fedorowicz also thanked PGO/Piomie-Odlewni for supporting sports rivalry between wrestlers in the past season. We are congratulating  the creators of the National Wrestling League the passion and the way of realization! We are happy to participate in this undertaking.


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