Our mission is to shape a leading-edge industry. Through endless improvement and development, we create a value-based community, forge strong business partnerships and develop our employees thereby creating shared success.


Our vision is to become a premier business partner, an innovative enterprise and an employer of choice.

The building of the PGO-centred community is based on the following values:

Respect for people

– our corporate culture recognizes that our people are important to our business and thus each should be treated with respect and dignity.


– by being trustworthy and honouring our commitments, we build clients’ trust towards ourselves and our company.


– we respect and implement all principles in a complete and consistent manner. However, we also share our concerns and address them openly.


– we act in a well-thought out manner, and are encouraged to make individual decisions, while being aware of their impact on people and the environment.


– we go beyond what is material and tangible. Whether it is faith in God, moral principles, or a common mission and goals, faith unites us in focusing on future and long-term issues.

Living in accordance with the above values is necessary to contribute to our community. Observing these values helps us succeed and identify with the company.


40-875 Katowice
ul. Tysiąclecia 101

PGO S.A. Pioma-Odlewnia Oddział w Piotrkowie Trybunalskim
97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski
ul. Romana Dmowskiego 38

KRS 0000305325,
Regon: 590722383,
VAT EU NO. PL7712374309

Phone: +48 44 648 95 78
Fax: +48 44 649 22 32
E-mail: pioma-odlewnia@pgosa.pll

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